Membership Application

Additional People in Your Firm That Are Responsible for Labor Matters:

Trades Signed With (Check all that apply):

In order to be a member of CIAR you must sign with at least one trade and pay the industry fund.

Designation of Bargaining

In order to vote on association of business your firm must be designated to the association for at least one trade

I hereby designate bargaining rights to CIAR for the following trades by signing after the trade name

Designation is effective on the date of this application, unless the association has earlier documents on file. Designation may be revoked prior to collective bargaining by following the procedures outlined in the respective collective bargaining agreements, If designation is revoked the ability to vote in association meetings is also revoked.

Members agree to abide by the by-laws of the association and may leave the association at any time by sending notice to the President or Managing Director.